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Hello from Pikazo!


Selfie at Blackthorn Pizza, styled by La Creuse Landscape, Spring by Armand Guillaumin.

Good afternoon from the Pikazo offices at Nebula Co-Working! Pikazo is a highly addictive app, remixing any photo into compelling visual art by using next generation  neural networks. Founded by some of my favorite humans, Karl Stiefvater and Lisa Donahue, and new fav Noah Rosenberg, it works the way your brain does to rip apart and assemble image details into something new and extraordinary. As we look forward to launching version 2.0, I’m thrilled to join the team as program manager. (And it’s fun to be working back on Cherokee Street!) The opportunity to merge my experience with my artistic tendency and my interest in tech is exciting, and I’m glad to be fully jumping in today! Check out what some Pikazo users have already made here, and hopefully you’ll see why.

More about the app:
Created by the image scientist behind landmark visuals seen in the Myst games, The Matrix films, 300, and Second Life, Pikazo lets anyone create and share beautiful artwork.Pikazo is at the very bleeding edge of neural network software. It really, truly, actually works by simulating the way your brain sees images. This is incredibly computationally intensive, and even on a cloud of the fastest computers, it takes a few minutes to process each image. Sometimes Pikazo paints masterpieces; amazing images that take the air out of the room. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes, it doesn’t work at all. To be honest, we’re not yet sure why it works. That’s why we need your help – to discover what types of images are successful and what aren’t.

Learn more at pikazoapp.com and try it yourself by downloading Pikazo from the App Store or Google Play.



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